Bryan Krahn

Since this supposed to be a “bio” page: I’ve been a trainer since 1997, hold a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist designation through the NSCA, and two university degrees in two decidedly non-fitness related areas.

I’m also a “semi-serious physique athlete,” meaning that I enjoy building a lean, muscular, aesthetic body but stop short of actual competitive bodybuilding.

I build my body for me — because I love it, it’s healthy, and because I can. It’s an incredible privilege.

Not to mention, actually looking like you lift is fun. Chubby personal trainers send you hate mail and write whiny blog posts about how unfair the world is. What’s not to love?

But so we’re clear: I’m not genetically “gifted.”

I was born with zero special talent for this field and none of my “gains” ever came easy.

However, being forced to do stuff “the hard way” was actually a blessing. Because combined with the few strengths I was blessed with, like intelligence (at least they tell me) and tenacity, it helped me become a very good problem solver and a much better coach.



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Dr. Fionnula McHale 

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Fionnula began to pursue her love of science by studying Medicine at Trinity College Dublin, during which time she secured prestigious research posts at the University of Ulster, Regenerative Medicine Institute in Galway, the University of Miami and the illustrious Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. She went on to work in a variety of fields including Orthopaedic Surgery, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology and Psychiatry. However, Fionnula’s passion lies in healthcare, how to achieve health, how to maintain health and ultimately how to optimize existing health; health as a positive entity, rather than simply the absence of disease. Enthralled by her studies with the Institute for Functional Medicine, she now runs her own private Functional Medicine Clinic in Dublin City Centre and lectures extensively in Universities and private colleges in Ireland.




Brad Soper


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Founder & Head Coach at
School Of Strong
Natural Strength Sports Athlete
Team Usn Sports Nutrition Ambassador

- Certificate 3 and 4 fitness
- Picp 1-2
- Bio signature 1-2
- Powerlifting Aust level 1
- Asca level 1
- Crossfit football
- Joe de Franco level 1
- Lift big eat big strongman seminar series
- FMS level 1-2
- Australian weightlifting level 1
- Speed & Agility Camp - Roger Fabri & Gold Feet Global
- Presenter of Clean Health Internships
- Content developer Clean Health Internships
- Mentorship with Derek Woodske
- Mentorship with Ryan Faenhle


Strength Sports Challenge winner 2015
Hunter Valley Strongest Man 2015 U/90
Top 5 NSW Strongest Man 2015 U/90
Top 10 Australia's most Powerful Man 2015 U/90
2nd NSW strongest man 2016
4th Australias most powerful man 2016