Brittany Byrd 

“Do your best until you can do better, then do better” -Maya Angelou. I created Aspire with a single vision- to empower and educate women to create their own life-lasting transformation.

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My passion for health and fitness was born into me. At a young age, I can recall watching my dad work out in our garage on his universal gym set. Growing up, I was always competing in something that had to do with running; cross-country, or track, my first love was sprinting.

As a natural progression for any sprinter, I started lifting weights to help me with power, and it’s been part of my life since.

After graduating college, I felt I needed a goal. I ran my first 1/2 marathon in 2007 when I was 21. I loved the challenge it gave me, both mentally and physically.

A year later in 2008, I completed my first marathon when I was 21. After that, I asked myself what was next? What else could I challenge myself to do?

In 2009 I completed my first fitness competition with SAF. Over the next few years, I did a few more competitions and achieved my “Pro” status with SAF (Serious About Fitness) and IDFA (International Drug-Free Association).

I’ve always loved helping others, and it’s why I’m so passionate about what I do. Being able to transform someone’s body and mind has given me so much more than any race, or any competition has ever given back to me. The satisfaction of knowing I’ve positively influenced someone’s life is incredible.