Ep. #1 Adult Dose

Derek Woodske 


Derek Woodske is considered to be one of the premier lecturers on the topic of strength and conditioning and exercise sports performance currently working today. In the past four years, Derek has spoken in more than a dozen countries, translated into multiple languages and influenced thousands of coaches and personal trainers around the world.

Derek began his journey and passion into the world of human performance through his athletic success as an NCAA All-American and National Champion in the sport track and field. Derek was able to transfer that success beyond college where he represented his home country of Canada on two separate occasions as a member of the Canadian National Team. During his tenure as a member of Team Canada, he broke two Canadian National Records and won multiple National Championships.

Derek retired from the sport track and field to pursue his passion having worked in both the NFL and NCAA as a professional coach, reaching the pinnacle of the industry that he has so much energy and enthusiasm for.

Derek has taken his experience as a professional coach and blended it with his educational background as both an interpersonal communications expert and therapist to create a holistic approach to teaching and understanding the complexities of not only performing human movement but also teaching it to others.

Derek is genuinely excited about his opportunity to share almost 20 years of professional coaching experience with the next-generation.